I thought he was dead.

I’d I.D.’d his injured body. Held a funeral to say goodbye. I’d moved on–or at least I tried to.

So when James Murdoch, the love of my life, kidnaps me one night after work, I’m certain I’ve finally snapped.

Before I can demand an explanation, he whisks me away to a house I didn’t know he owned, to a town he’d never told me about, and showed me a life he had that I was absolutely not a part of.

The more time we spend together evading the men after him, the more I realize I never knew him at all and that everything we had was a lie.

As the trained killers on his trail get closer, the spark that drew us together in the first place flames out of control. I’ll need to trust him not only with my life–but with my heart–if we’re going to survive.