Vow to the Vampire


I’m nothing but a slave.

I have no rights, no freedoms, no agency.

My days are filled with unimaginable horrors and my nights spent in everlasting pleasure. Serving the vampire hordes as a blood host gives me no hope of securing my freedom.

Until I manage to escape.

I’m moments from safety when I end up in the arms of Triston Cartier, the dethroned prince of death. I have my dagger at his throat when he offers me a bargain.

If I vow to be his personal blood slave, he will arrange for a pardon from my contract to the horde and I will be able to return home to my family.

But being Triston’s slave is a fate akin to death, for he offers me a taste of submission I’m unable to resist. One bite from this deadly vampire and I’m afraid I’ll sacrifice all my hopes for freedom and my family’s safety to stay an eternity in his arms.

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