These U.S. Marines are always the first to fight when it comes to their country…or the women they love.

Detective Logan Blackwell doesn’t let a suspect–or a woman–get away. Not even his prickly new neighbor, Sienna Davenport. The more she pretends there’s nothing suspicious in her past, the more Logan wants to peel back her defenses, and clothes, to discover what lies beneath.

The sole survivor of a horrific serial killer, Piper Davenport became Sienna to escape the nightmares…and the murderer who never finished the job. A prisoner of her own fears, all she wants is escape the notice, especially Logan’s, and get her life back.

Then, a woman is murdered and Sienna is the only one who believes the woman’s death features the same signature as those she’s trying so hard to forget.

Instinct tells her to run again, but Logan has made it his own personal mission to keep her safe, even if it means gambling his own life.

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