If you’ve read HONOR you’ve met my next man in uniform–Ford. His book is the first in a First to Fight spinoff called the LAST TO LEAVE SERIES. If you poke around my website you can get an advanced look at the men who didn’t know each other prior to their service in the military, but became brothers after an operation gone wrong linked them for life.

Like the First to Fight Series, which you can start for FREE here, these books will feature sizzling hot romance, heart-pounding suspense, and the bad-boy Marines you’ve come to know and love.




I thought I knew better than to make the same mistake twice.

To say I’ve never had good taste in men in as an understatement.

When I met brooding Marine Ford Collier, I was certain he’s different than anyone else I’ve ever dated. He was honorable, charming, and sinfully dangerous in all the right ways.

But I’ve been wrong before.

My first lover ruined my life. And Ford may destroy my future.

My heart tells me he’s innocent, but the facts tell me I’m wrong. Again.

Going against the only family I have left could mean losing it all for a man who may be a traitor.